Saturday, 29 August 2015


Well, this post has taken a while to find itself on here but I've just been so distracted by Pretty Little Liars. I know I'm also late on watching that one too, which appears to be a common theme at the moment... hmm. Every evening when I sit down and watch PLL I think I'll get blogging too but I can't draw my eyes away - t's just too good! 

Anyway, onto something else very good. I placed this order a few weeks ago when Make up Revolution had an amazing offer on, which gave you loads of free products with your order and £10 off so I think I only paid just over £20 for all of the above. They actually have a free product similar offer on at the moment so I'm starting to think it's not so bad that this poor post has taken so long to get here. As a make up junkie/hoarder I'm always interested in more make up and especially when it's free! I wasn't expecting too much from the free products, as well they're free but the majority were actually really nice and one of the lipsticks has even made it into my hand bag and has become my go to quick and easy lip colour.  I think it's called 'Never be a Millionaire' and is a sheer beige nude colour. You also got another nude lipstick, a dark red lipstick/gloss which will be nice for winter (is that still a forbidden word atm)? and a pink duo lipstick and gloss. Two eye shadow palettes, one pigment, a primer and a few single eye shadows. It was exciting me enough opening up all of the freebies, so much so that I nearly forgot I had more stuff that I had actually chosen! 

Now onto the products that I actually ordered! When I placed my order it was right when the new contour palette was released so of course I had to buy that.  I only recently nearly caved and bought the Anastasia contour palette so I'm now so glad that I didn't. I had also been eyeing up the two Iconic Pro palettes as they appear to be very good dupes of the Lorac palettes which are just too hard to get in the UK. They are gorgeous and the brushes that come with them actually seem pretty good too. As if I didn't already have too many eye shadows, I also bought the Flawless Mattes palette  as you always need every matte neutral shade in your life. The last item that I ordered was The One Concealer which seems to be a dupe of one of the Benefit concealers that I've been wanting to try for ages. I also had my eye on some of the lipsticks, the concealer palette and some of the blushes but I thought I would behave myself and save those for another time. 

What are your must haves from Make up Revolution, that I can add to my list?

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  1. omg make up revolution looks amazing. I love how much choice there is in colours.


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