Thursday, 26 February 2015


Clinique is one of those brands that I've never really had much to do with, but lately it's safe to say that I've tried my fair share and I'm starting to really like the brand. I bought this set at Christmas as the good value price lured me in and I was running out of my current moisturiser, so this seemed like the perfect set. The set included; Moisture surge extended thirst relief, Moisture surge overnight mask, All about eyes and a Superbalm lipgloss. 

Moisture surge extended thirst relief 

This is a lightweight gel formula moisturiser, designed for dry or dehydrated skin. I really like how this moisturiser feels on the skin, as it's so refreshing and absorbs instantly, so it doesn't feel too heavy or greasy, instead it leaves a smooth velvet feel.  It's also surprising how little you need, as it's such a lightweight formula, it's able to spread really easily. My only gripe with this product is that it's fine for my pretty normal -probably a little dehydrated, but no where near dry skin, but I can't imagine it giving enough hydration for people with really dry skin, unless a really good serum is being used beforehand. I've also seen people moan about the fact that it's a jar container, but that doesn't really bother me. Overall, I would definitely recommend to anyone with a normal to oily skin type. I think it would be especially amazing in the summer months, when you don't want to be layering heavy products on your skin.

Moisture surge overnight mask

Although I would never say my skin is dry, it does sometimes look like it needs some intense hydration, plumpness and life put back into it. This is when I like to use the overnight mask. It really helps make my skin look so much more moisturised and seemed to plump out any fine lines that can appear through dehydration. It's a nice mask to use overnight as it isn't too heavy; it's not as lightweight as the moisture surge moisturiser but I am still able to wear it all night without feeling like a grease ball... eeww?

All about eyes 

The formula of this eye cream is very similar to the moisture surge moisturiser, with its lightweight gel consistency. I love to use this eye cream mostly in the morning as it's so lightweight that it doesn't interfere with any make up that you apply. It leaves my eye area very smooth, as almost to prep the under eye for make up.  The gel formula also makes it feel very refreshing, so it's a great product to use when you can barely see through your tired eyes in the mornings. As I am only 22, my main need for an eye cream is to hydrate, to avoid any fine lines appearing, so I don't know how good this eye cream would be if your under eyes are of greater concern to you as this one does seem so light. Clinique also do an All about eyes rich formlua, which may be better to fight intense under eye troubles. 

Superbalm - Grapefruit

I know the whole purpose of Clinique is to provide products for sensitive skin, meaning fragrance is a huge no-no, but If you're calling a product grapefruit, I really need it to smell like that too! The Superbalm feels lovely and glossy on the lips, yet not sticky. It was the product that I was least excited for, but it is a pretty, natural gloss. 

So far I am liking Clinique products and unfortunately for my bank account, there are more to come, so keep an eye out for future posts. What Clinique products have you tried and which do I need to try? You can buy Clinique from  department stores such as Debenhams or the Clinique website.

I hope you're all having a good week! 

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