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Recently I've been really enjoying paying more attention to my skin care and not just my make-up and I've especially been trying to use skincare products with good ingredients. I decided to head over to the mineral world and try out BareMinerals make-up and skincare to see if the whole mineral concept really is as good as it sounds. 

BareMinerals products are powered by the 'Active Soil Complex,'  which is supposed to help reveal smoother, younger-looking, more luminous skin and also has skin-renewing benefits, including cell turnover and antioxidant protection.Well... what more could you want?

Purifying Facial Cleasner

First things first... Cleanser. The cleanser is a gel form and is really nice and refreshing on the skin. They do sell a foaming cleanser, however, I like every other blogging girl on the planet have listened to Caroline Hirons and decided against the foam! Gel isn't my first choice either but it just sounded so enticing I couldn't say no.  On top of the Active Soil complex, it's also supposed to help your skins ability to absorb and retain moisture levels. The cleanser removes make-up well and even removes eye make up. It feels really fresh and creamy on the skin. Like all of the skincare, it has a scent to it, which I'm struggling to describe; it's fresh and something I'd expect at a spa, as in, it isn't anything strong, fruity or floral. I use two pumps day and night and if I've been wearing make-up, I will double cleanse at night. Although it's a gentle cleanser, it still manages to deep clean and make your skin feel perfectly refreshed and clean but still hydrated. 

Hydrating Eye Cream

I haven't really ever used an eye cream before and always thought that I was too young, however, everyone else seems to be and I am 21 now and I'm pretty sure I'm noticing some ageing! 
I did notice a few lines around my eyes, however this seems to have sorted them out. It also helps concealers go on a lot smoother, so win, win! You only need a small amount so I can see this eye cream lasting ages! The cream contains the Active soil complex, Gold peptide, smoothing peptide, alpine skullcap extract and elderflower extract... yes I have no idea either but don't worry, I've looked them up! Elderflower extract is a soothing ingredient, peptides help with collagen to make the skin look younger and Alpine Skullcap seems to help sooth the skin too. 

Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment

This is probably the prettiest skincare item of them all; the packaging and the product are  pearlescent. The serum is lightweight and immediately makes the skin feel very smooth and gives it a subtle luminous finish, which apparently has been inspired by the marine organisms in the caribbean islands, which radiate a natural ethereal light. Ooo lovely!  The ingredients include sugar cane, orange, red mangrove extract and lemon, which you can definitely smell! The product is intended to create a more vibrant and even skin tone, both in texture and colour. I've been using the serum since February and my skin definitely looks a lot more radiant and feels really smooth, which could also be a result of the rest of the products. 

Purely Nourishing moisturiser 

I have both the normal - dry and the combination version and I can't really see much difference. There is a difference in ingredients between the two but at face value they're both moisturisers and they both do a good job. The normal - dry contains ingredients to maximise moisture levels, acmella flower extract, olive oil and vitamins A, C, E, while the combination version contains Green tea, Chamomile, coffee, licorice and vitamins a, B5, C and E. Both help moisturise, smooth the skin and improve firmness, elasticity, radiance and texture. I really like both of these as they give a great amount of moisture to the skin but at the same time they aren't too heavy, which I think my skin doesn't like. 

Blemish Remedy

I was very sceptical about this product as lets face it, you rarely find a blemish treatment that actually works. I think this may now be my miracle product; the first time I used it my spots completely went down. It's a loose mineral form, which is different to any other treatment I've tried, but I like it as it also tones down the redness and doesn't leave the weird white residue that most spot treatments do, meaning you could wear it during the day. It contains natural sulfur, white willow bark, tea tree extract to fight the spots and the algae and aloe vera to sooth the area. You can also use it to minimise pores, which I've only recently started trying so I can't say if it does the job or not yet. It's apparently also great if you suffer from cold sores, however I don't so cannot comment. 

I've definitely become a fan of BareMinerals skincare and now have a whole list of other products that I want to try - sorry bank!
You can purchase BareMinerals from any BareMinerals boutique, most department stores, such as Debenhams, John Lewis and Selfridges and of course online, here! 

Price guide: Cleanser £15, Eye cream £23, Biolucent Serum £39, Moisturiser £27, Blemish Remedy £15. 
  Have you tried any BareMinerals skincare?

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