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There's something about MAC eye shadows; on one hand they make me swoon over how pretty they all are, yet on the other hand, it makes me a little - I mean a lot, sick when I think about how much those damn things cost! I've built up quite a collection of MAC eye shadows over the last few years and sometimes as much as I hate to say it, they have been slightly neglected in favour of other shadows. I also worked on two different make up counters which weren't MAC so everyday for work I had to wear those brands which pushed my poor MAC palette further down the line. Recently I've found myself using my MAC palette non stop and absolutely loving all of the colours. These are my most used eye shadows from my palette. Obviously, they're extremely neutral and all close in the colour family but that's just what I find easiest to wear for work, quick eye looks and the safe smokey eye shades. Some of these aren't necessarily my favourites out of all of the shades I have but they are the ones I get the most use out of.
L-R All That Glitters, Wedge, Charcoal Brown, Espresso, Swiss Chocolate, Sable, Mulch, Antiqued, Texture, Embark 
L-R All That Glitters, Wedge, Charcoal Brown, Espresso, Swiss Chocolate
All That Glitters: A beige with gold pearl. A gorgeous all over the lid colour, not your typical light lid shade as it does have a lot more colour to it, which means it's great to apply really quickly and easily and still look pretty. 

Wedge: A soft muted beige taupe. Probably the most boring looking colour but the one I use every single time I use my MAC Shadows, without fail. It's a great light brown crease colour that works with any other shadow colour to make it really easy to blend seamlessly. 

Charcoal Brown: A muted taupe brown. The famous brow colour. I used to use Charcoal brown on my brows with a mixture of Espresso and Carbon but mostly I now use the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette as it just seems to fill my brows in a lot quicker. Now I like to use it as a good colour to deepen the crease.

Espresso: A muted golden brown. Likewise to Charcoal brown I like to use this in the crease/outer corner. Both shades work well for more neutral or cooler eye shadow colours. 

Swiss Chocolate: A Muted reddish brown. Maybe one of my favourite shadows out of all of my MAC ones as it's a really pretty unique shade. I think this colour would compliment all skin tones as it's so warm but still quite rich. 
L-R Sable, Mulch, Antiqued, Texture, Embark
Sable: A gold plum with bronze pearl. I love to wear sable all over the lid for another quick and easy look. I also like to smoke it out with either Charcoal Brown and Espresso. 

Mulch: A Red brown with bronze pearl. I use this like I use Sable, all over the lid. I love how pretty both shadows are and easy to use. I like to smudge a black eye liner along the top lash line and blend it into the shades which creates a really pretty and simple smoky eye, yet not too dark.

Antiqued:An ash brown with bronze. Thinking about it, this is probably another one of my overall favourites as well as most used. I used to love watching Ghost Whisperer and Melinda Gordon always used to wear a really pretty warm bronze colour all over her lids and quite heavy under the eye. Whenever I wear this shadow I like to wear it like that and it's one of my favourite eye looks, with a warm shade in the crease and maybe a black if I want to darken up the look.

Texture: A Peachy brown with shimmer. The perfect shade to wear if you want a warm eye look; it works well in the crease and all over the lid. It does have shimmer in it but you don't really see that when it's on your eyes. It's a really good shade to use to blend out the lower lash line too if you don't want anything too dark. 

Embark: An intense reddish brown. I love Embark as it's a dark shade that's great for adding definition to the eye but it isn't as harsh as a black so it looks really good and smokey on the eye yet without being too heavy. I like to use Embark quite heavy along the lash lines and smoke it out with lighter browns for a grungy kind of look. 

There you have my most used MAC eye shadows and maybe a few all time favourites too, I may do another post on my favourite shadows soon. I thought I was good for eye shadows for maybe the rest of my life but now I've been on the MAC website again, I've definitely found some more that have caught my eye! 

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