Thursday, 30 May 2013


 Hannah asked me to do her make up for a 'date night' with her boyfriend. She wanted a darker look which defined the eyes. I think this is a nice look for a darker eye look, as it's still dramatic, however it doesn't overpower the eye and isn't too heavy as the dark colour is only in the outer corners and flicks out, leaving the socket of the eye quite light and fresh still.
 Hannah's eye shape is really good for this style of make up, which makes it easier to do on her, where as my eye shape doesn't make the eye shadow easily go in this flick shape, as I think mine are more round.

 This eye make up would suit any eye colour, blue eyes especially really make the black of the shadow stand out, as it's such a contrast of light, bright blue eyes to the dark black make up.

Products used:
- MUA undress me too palette
- MUA undress me palette
- MUA Glamour nights palette 
- Benefit, They're Real mascara  
- Rimmel Gel liner 
- Real Techniques brushes - Starter set 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


 This is my go to make up look for my eyes, if I want to be quick or just do something safe, that I know I will like. It's really easy to do and doesn't take much work.  

I smudge a brown shadow under my eye and a light brown all over the lid. Then I use the same brown through the crease and add a reddy/brown just above the crease to add more colour and I think this is a good way of making your eye make up look like you've spent more time on it than you have, as it adds texture and more depth. 

Products used:
-Sleek ultra mattes palette
-Collection Extreme 24hr felt liner in black
- Avon super extend extreme mascara 
- MUA brow kit


Georgia's nails
Today, we spent our morning at a local hair and beauty salon with our mum. I, (Georgia) had my hair cut and a Shellac manicure and pedicure and so did our mum. Hannah only had her hair cut as she can't have her nails painted with her job.

This may be hard to believe, coming from a beauty obsessed girl who's nails are always painted, but I have never had my nails done professionally; I have only ever painted them myself.We decided to treat ourselves to manicures and pedicures as the salon were offering 50% off, so it was a great time to try Shellac nails out. 

Overall, I'm pleased with the results, however one of my little finger nails is a bit dodgey, as you may be able to see in the photo. This doesn't bother me too much as it was a very cheap offer, however if I paid the full price I would have probably asked for it to be re - done. The nails have a gorgeous shine to them, as you would expect with Shellac and apparently last well over 2 weeks and the pedicure is said to last a lot longer! It was definitely nice not to have to sit there filing and painting my nails myself for a change.

Our mum's nails

 Hannah and I don't normally enjoy getting our hair cut, as we're never really happy with how it turns out, or it doesn't look any different etc... (Fussy hey)!? I've been cutting my own hair for a couple of years, but it really needed sorting out to put it back into a nice shape. There was also a 50% off offer on hair cuts, so we were able to have our hair washed, cut and blow dried for just £13.25, which I think is pretty unheard of these days!

We're really happy with the results and the photos do not really do the cuts justice. The hair dresser was very quick, which was good and applied lots of lovely smelling products which is always fun. Both of us now have nice and healthy hair again with no split ends! (yey)!! 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


We've definitely been lacking in the 'lifestyle' section of this blog, so here goes with our first lifestyle post.

Hannah passed her driving test!! She's one of those annoying people that pass their test, not only first time, but with only 3 minors and also only 3 months after she turned 17!! Sickening, I know, but well done to her and I now can take a break from driving her around and instead sit back and let her take all the stress that driving comes with. (Muahaha)!!  


 For today's outfit I've ventured a little out of my usual comfort zone; I've got leopards or some other wild cat on my leggings! 

I've been seeing a lot of patterned leggings around lately and thought they would be nice for just chilling around the house, when you want to look better than just slouching around in sweat pants. The leggings are much more flattering and trendy! 

I know many, many people wear leggings like these out, I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that yet, so right now, they're staying in doors for me. 

I paired them with a plain black v neck top as its a casual look and the leggings are the main part of the outfit. For photo's sake I added the purple/maroon heels, which sadly have never been outside either, so this is so far their only opportunity to be seen by anyone but me and my wardrobe.
Top: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: New look
Necklace: Forever 21 
Forever 21

For my make up, I decided to try a purple smokey eye look, which looks really good with green eyes especially, but also hazel and brown too.
This is quite a heavy eye look, so I tried to keep the rest of the face looking fresh so that the focus immediately goes to the eyes.

Products  used: 

- Sleek Ultra Mattes Pallette 
- Models Own Mascara - Grow fast mascara
- Lashes by Ardell
- Eyeliner, black MUA 

All make up, apart from the Mascara can be purchased from Superdrug and the mascara can be bought from Boots. Currently all make up is 3 for 2 at Superdrug, which is just an offer I cannot resist! 


This has got to be our favorite fresh face mask by LUSH. We've tried many of the others, if not all of them and although they look and sound pretty cool, we're sometimes left not really seeing or feeling any visible results or benefits. However, this face mask, 'Cosmetic Warrior' has really proved itself.

 Lush say that the face mask is suitable for sensitive and spot prone skin. The ingredients include:
Fresh white grapes to clean and cool the skin. Fresh garlic and tea tree oil as an antiseptic.
Fresh eggs tighten the texture of the skin. Honey softens and moisturises the skin and is also antimicrobal. 

The picture on the LUSH website would have definitely put me off of this mask, as it's covered in garlic pieces, which just reminds me of bad breath. Garlic is never something that you'd expect to smother your face in... save it for cooking or fighting off vampires. 

To reassure any garlic haters or vampires... (making sure to cater for everyone), we did not smell any garlic at all! Instead it smells very fresh and quite 'herbally' and a little antiseptic, which is listed on the front of the pot. 
 The face mask has a really nice creamy texture, making it easy to apply to the skin. Also, as you keep the face masks in the fridge, the texture combined with the chilled temperature makes the mask really refreshing and soothing on the skin.
The outcome: After washing the mask off, we definitely noticed that our faces felt so much softer and smoother, even around problem areas, such as larger pores on the nose. Any blemishes also seemed to improve. Although this is not one of the most interesting of LUSH's fresh face masks, we would definitely chose this one again as it really does improve the skin. My skin feels so much more refined, refreshed, soft and moisturised.  

Sunday, 26 May 2013


I just picked up this skirt from Topshop for £28, and with the addition of the £6.99 H&M v-neck, necklace from Forever 21 for £6 and shoes from Newlook for around £20 I'd consider that a steal for an entire outfit. Due to this, I love combining a more expensive unique piece with the cheaper so that I don't feel as guilty when I check my bank statement!

The skirt caught my eye online and so when I saw it in Debenhams during their 25% sale I couldn't resist. Although in the photo I'm wearing heals, this skirt can be dressed down even further with flats and a blazer therefore is comfortable as well as versatile. Topshop also had this skirt in a variation of patterns from African scenes to one of my favored artists; Roy Lichtenstein inspired detail however this seemed to fit my style and personality more, the range of patterns allows  for many individual styles to be covered. 

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