Monday, 28 July 2014


 The other week I graduated from university with a law degree. I'm not sure how I even got to this stage, as even in third year I would walk into university and think, how am I already at university?! and now I have finished! I've already rambled about finding out my result, so if you fancy reading you can read it 'here.'

I thought I had planned my outfit months in advance, however, I then realised that a lot of the gowns and hoods sit best if you have something to pin them to, like a button on a shirt. The dress I chose had delicate lace at the top section and I didn't want to have to safety pin the delicate material. I rushed out the day before graduation to find a better dress - apparently no one wears nice dresses any more, unless you're 50+. There was nothing suitable in so many shops that I looked at, until I went into Oasis and then I found two that I liked. The other dress was a gorgeous bright orange/red which I loved but the one I chose seemed more appropriate and I knew the colour would suit my gown. Annoyingly, as you can see from the photos, I had a more modern style hood which sat perfectly as it had more of a shape and a button attachment, so it didn't need any support from the outfit underneath. I would still advise you bring safety pins and roughly plan your outfit around this just to be safe. Also, luckily or maybe unluckily - I seem to have a big head so my cap sat very snug, however, a lot of other girls had to pin their's onto their heads, so definitely bring bobby pins just in case! 

Dress: Oasis 
Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

My boyfriend very kindly and extremely generously, bought me a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, as a congratulations present for finishing uni and graduating. I tried to wear them in during the weeks leading up to my graduation so they were remotely comfortable, however, when it came to it, I decided to wear my trusty Zara lace up heels as I know I can walk in them and I didn't want to risk tripping over while walking down the cathedral to collect my degree. If you can, I would definitely recommend wearing comfortable shoes or maybe taking those roll up shoes to wear before you walk down in front of everyone, as my feet have never hurt so much from all the standing around for hours before the actual ceremony. 

Shoes: Zara
Hannah's Dress: from a local designer shop but there is an identical one in New Look
Hannah's Shoes: New Look

Make up wise, everyone says go for your usual natural make up look, however, my make up is never overly natural so I chose a cool toned smoky eye instead. I'm used to wearing heavy eye make up so I would have felt strange without it. I chose a cool toned look as my dress was grey so it seemed to work better than my usual warm browns. My only advice for make up would be to bring a powder to touch up and use a setting spray, which also helped cool me down as it was so hot.

On the day it was lovely to see everyone again, catch up a little and reminisce on the years. The ceremony was pretty boring; it was mostly focused on the chancellors and some other 'academics' who we had no idea about and as it was in a large cathedral and the graduates get the worst seats, we could hardly see or hear what was going on. We got hardly any attention throughout the whole ceremony and it felt like they were happily rambling on about themselves and then thought - oh yeah, I guess it's about time we call out some names and get them to walk down to a woman sitting down at the side just leaning over to hand you your degree certificate. The cathedral was beautiful so at least the settings were nice. The music was a little dramatic - the organs were very loud and apparently the song we walked into the cathedral was Hitler's favourite song... just what you want! Oh, I know that because my boyfriend's kind of a geek about those kind of things.

My 15 seconds of fame during the ceremony  was actually pretty nerve racking! I didn't think I would be nervous, but I think the formality of the whole event made it quite scary. Also, they didn't really tell us where to go once our names had been called and we had to go and shake the chancellor's hand, so I was slightly worried I wouldn't know where I was going or what I was doing, but it all worked out fine! My sister and boyfriend commented how they were surprised at how happy I looked, I think it was more to do with it was scary and I felt awkward so when I feel awkward I just smile away and no one knows any wiser! We had to walk straight down the middle of the cathedral in front of everyone, just staring away, which was also pretty awkward but I was too focused on walking to care! 

I still don't really believe that I've done it, finished university and actually obtained a 2.1 degree in law. All those tears, the stress, worry, anxiety and the constant moaning, has all been worth it. At the end of the ceremony they asked us to applaud our family and friends who had supported us throughout the degree. I felt so thank full for my boyfriend and sister as they are the ones that endured all of my stresses and even came to my final exams with me and helped me cram the morning before. Hannah even said to me that she even felt like she would know what to write in the exam, she had sat there for so long listening to me. Jamie, my boyfriend even remembered some of the cases better than I did!

If you've got your graduation soon I hope you have an amazing day and feel proud of yourself - oh and don't forget to constantly smile, because you will learn what it's like to be a celebrity constantly getting papped! 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I was going out with friends for the evening and decided that since I was all dressed up I might as well do a quick OOTD. I have since realised that only one or two posts down I'm wearing the same top. In the words of Kate Sanders, "Lizzie you are an outfit repeater!" (Lizzie Mcguire - you know)! I don't think it completely counts as It's only the top I'm repeating but still! 

Top : H&M
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: New Look
Watch: Fossil

 I recently bought this pretty flower skirt from River Island. I absolutely love everything in River Island at the moment. The skirt is so pretty and feminine, it is short but not too bad unless you're planning on bending over a lot, then perhaps go for something different. I had to resort to my mum taking these photos and she's probably the worst of the poor innocent souls that I force to take these kind of photos of me. It's hard enough just getting her to take a normal picture, let alone a shoe shot, so I'll just link the photo of the shoes 'here.' I think those are the right ones, but I'm pretty sure mine aren't the 'wide fit.' They're really easy to walk in and comfortable but you've still got a decent size heel when you want to dress up summer outfits a little. 
My watch is from Fossil and my nail varnish is Tanya Burr's Bright and Early, although it's looking a lot more coral in the photos. I love summer clothes but find it's always hard to dress well but still suitable and comfortable with the hot weather, so you don't look like you're just hanging at the beach. This outfit was very cool to wear, yet still looked a little dressed up. 

I kept my make up pretty simple as it was sooo hot - have I said that yet?! I went for a kind of summer appropriate smokey eye and used mostly the Make up Geek shade in Country girl, which is a warm red/brown, so not as harsh as black but still pretty and smokey. Everywhere else I packed on a lot of bronzer for that summer bronzed glow. 

 What are your favourite outfits to wear with this lovely summer weather?

Thursday, 17 July 2014


I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I buy all these different eye shadow palettes and then end up rarely ever using them. If you've read my Prom make up post, you wont believe what I'm about to say next, but Club eye shadow by MAC is one of those neglected eye shadows. If you have read the prom post, you'll know that I also used it on my sister for her prom, however this make up look was from the same day and while we were debating which shadows to use for her she said she liked mine and just wanted that, so there you go Club, neglected for ages and then used twice in one day!

I've never been a natural eye kinda girl and prefer something more intense, smoky or subtly colourful, so on a whim I paired the eye shadow with an orange shade from the Sleek Del Mar palette - oh how daring of me! I like how it turned out, definitely not for your usual everyday look but it would work well for a night out or summer festival kind of look. I used warm shades through the crease and added a tiny bit of the orange from under the eye to join it into the look more.


Primer: MAC Pre + Prime Skin Base Visage (review here)
Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Concealer and Under Eye: Collection Lasting Comcealer, MAC Highlighter in Radiant Rose, MAC Emphasize powder
Powder: Bourjois Healthy Mix powder
Bronzer: MAC Give Me Sun
Blush: MAC Peaches
Contour: Benefit Hoola
Highlighter: MAC Soft and Gentle

Eye Base: MAC Painterly and Quite Natural Paint Pot
Eye Shadow: MAC Club and Carbon, Make up Geek: Peacock, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brule, Cocoa Bear (crease) Sleek Del Mar Orange eye shadow (lower lash line)
Eye Liner: Immortal Gel Liner, Make up Geek
Mascara: L'oreal False Lash Flutter
Lashes: Ardell Demi Whispies
Brows: Espresso Eye Shadow MAC and Maybelline Brow Drama

I really like how this eye look turned out and it's made me excited to try out more colours and be more adventurous. What are your favourite more daring eye shadows?

Saturday, 5 July 2014


The other day, we both had the day off work so decided to go on a kind of road trip, I say kind of as it was only an hour or so drive away. After not really knowing if we were heading in the right direction, we finally arrived at our location that can only be described as somewhere where most 18 and 21 year olds would probably avoid. It's a lovely place in the countryside so it has beautiful fields all around, with a few farm shop and antique type shops. My sister is pretty obsessed with home stuff and has bought the majority of our kitchen equipment, which does come in handy but sometime she's a little extreme, like once we've got plates etc we don't really need more and I'm not sure how many other people have 'milk glasses' specifically for milk. Anyway, she enjoys looking around those type of places at the food and home stuff so I just went along for the ride and the good photo scenery! 

After spending way too long waiting, while Hannah pondered over which draw handles to buy - yes, draw handles, the decorated ones that you replace the original perfectly usable and a lot cheaper handles with. Hannah picked up some crazy looking pasta, that had a black coloured band around each pasta bow piece. At first I thought it was pretty funky and monochrome but then I read it was from Squid ink dye, which definitely put me off but she still bought it and we used it for dinner that night and it just tasted like normal pasta luckily! 

My Outfit Details:

Top: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: New Look (old)
Bag: Jasper Conran (old, but the new style is identical)
Necklace: H&M
Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger

Hannah's Outfit Details:

Top: River Island
Shorts: Hollister
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Matthew Williamson (old)
Glasses: Karen Millen
Necklace: Accessorize (old) 

We then headed to the coast, there isn't too much there, especially for our age range but it's still nice to walk around in the sun. The famous fish and chip shops were closed by the time we got there as they're only open over lunch, which was pretty sad but good as we're both trying to eat better and shift a few pounds. We walked around the few shops that were there; there's a Jack Wills and Fat Face and a few more quaint little shops. We then sat on the beach for a while, which was nice as it was very quiet and lovely and sunny. 

Once we got home, we cooked the Squid ink pasta, with smoked salmon, tomatoes, garlic, white wine, onion and dill, which was pretty darn tasty, as long as you forget the whole squid aspect - unless you're a seafood lover, then just embrace the squid!  

I hope you've all had a good week and have a great weekend!

 where are your favourite places to go out to? 

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