Monday, 10 November 2014


Here goes - I'm about to do what us women do best - moan! Okay, I guess there are some saint women out there who don't, but there's also the 500 million that love nothing more than a good moan! With bloggers and youtubers having such an immense effect on how we view beauty products, it's often hard not to succumb to the huge hype surrounding certain products. Often it seems our own opinions and views on products can be bias from the start, just by a youtuber or bloggers opinion. These products are some of the many that have been hugely hyped in the beauty world and really, I'm not so into them. 
First is Benefit's They're Real Mascara.  At first I loved this mascara and it did make my lashes look really good, it lengthened, it thickened and it stayed put; maybe even a little too well! My problem with this mascara is that it dries up super quick, making it absolutely useless to apply. I made sure it was the only mascara I had on the go so I could get the most use out of it, yet it still only lasted a couple or few weeks maximum. At £19.50, I cannot be repurchasing every couple of weeks! 

Another mascara that I didn't love was Maybelline The Falsies. We all know that Tanya Burr loves it, but when I used it I felt it was a good mascara, but it wasn't anything special at all! I also found the shape of the wand to not be the best and easiest to apply. 
Another Tanya Burr favourite is Rimmel's Stay Matte powder. I tried it as it's a really affordable product so if it works well then my bank account would definitely love me forever. I don't even have particularly oily skin but I always find that this powder makes it feel like I haven't even set my foundation at all and my face does feel a little oily and definitely far from matte. 

The much loved Collection Lasting Finish Concealer just doesn't seem as amazing as everyone makes out. I don't think the coverage is amazing and I don't think it's longevity is all that great either. 
I used hydraluron every day for as long as the tube lasted me and I didn't ever notice any difference. I read reviews that it was only when people stopped using it that they noticed what a difference it was actually making. I've now not been using it for a month or so, as it ran out and I honestly haven't noticed any difference. I love the idea of it but as I haven't really seen any difference, I can't justify buying another. 

Last but most probably not least, are the Lush fresh face masks in general. I have tried pretty much all of the different masks and I never really see any difference in my skin, not even any tiny improvements. They disappoint me as they all sounds so amazing yet, seem to do nothing beneficial for my skin. 
Okay, that's my moaning done for now. Have you tried any of these products and were also less than impressed or actually loved them? 

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Here we have round two of my holy grail brushes and this time I'm talking specifically about eye brushes. If you want to know my holy grail complexion brushes you can read my post 'here.' 
I don't use every brush mentioned, every single time that I do my make up, so they are not all essentials, but if I were to choose my favourites and most used it would be all of these. 

Brushes for packing on colour to the lid
The Urban Decay shadow brush is flat enough to pack colour onto the lid , with as little fall down as possible. The Bare minerals flat shadow end of the precision brush is also good to apply colour to the lid, it's a little thicker than the Urban Decay one, so it also blends shadow out a little more. 

Brushes for crease/blending
First, I use the Sigma E40 to apply colour to the crease. It's so big and fluffy that it makes it so quick and easy to apply colour and it blends all eye shadow so flawlessly. I then use the Sigma E25 for more precise crease blending and to add maybe a darker colour and blend it into the transition shade applied with the E40. If I want something even more precise I'll use the Real Techniques domed Shadow brush as it has a tapered end and is thinner than the E25. 

Brushes for the lower lash line
I like to use either the Models Own Blending brush to apply colour to the lower lash line as it's small enough and blends easily. I also like to use the smaller pencil brush side of the Bare Minerals double ended precision brush as it's really soft so doesn't irritate the eye. If I want to smoke the shadow out even more I'll use a fluffier brush like the Sigma E25. For definition under the eye, I use the Real Techniques accent brush as it's very dense, making it perfect for applying colour closely to the lash line. 

Brushes for the brows
I always use the Sigma E75 for my brows as it's small and dense enough to give great definition to the brows, while making it easy to control the amount of product you apply. 

Brushes for gel liner 
I received the Sigma E05 brush as a free gift with my Sigma order and it fast became my go to gel liner brush. I find it easier to use than angled brushes as it gives more precision.  

So, that is all of my favourite brushes to use for eye make up. Let me know if you have any amazing holy grail eye brushes that I need to try! 

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