Sunday, 28 June 2015


I've been a big fan of Sleek palettes for a good few years now. I used to use the Ultra Mattes V2 palette all of the time and was perfectly happy with it, until I became greedy and discovered MAC, Make up Geek, Urban Decay etc etc... which led to me having to share my time with them all so it didn't get used quite as much as it wasn't my only baby anymore. 

I bought the original Del Mar palette last year and used it so much over the summer months, especially when I went on holiday as these palettes are so pretty for the summer, when you want to be a little more colourful with your make up. The outer box sunset packaging immediately drew me in and when I saw the colours I knew that I would need to buy this palette. I had been wanting to get a yellow eye shadow for the last couple of summers, so when I say that this palette had a yellow, that was enough of a reason for me to buy it alone. Surprisingly, I think the shades are very wearable and are a good mix of easy to use shades and pops of colour. You could easily create an everyday natural shade with the two matte brown shades and maybe the gold or the beige shimmer shade. The shades blend well and lasted on me for the whole day, without fading at all. The majority of the shades are matte, with exception to the light peach shade which has a soft shimmer to it, also like the gold shade and the light beige shade. The second shade in the palette, the orange has a fine glitter in it which is also the case for the dark grey shade. My only gripe with this palette is that the shades aren't as pigmented as I would like. On the one hand, this isn't a bad thing as it makes the shades more wearable, as they're not crazy bright but at the same time when you're using colour you want it to be seen. 

When I was looking online at other peoples looks that they had created from this palette I saw a lot of blue heavy looks, so I wanted to ignore the blues in this palette and focus on some of the other shades. Obviously I had to use the yellow as it was my first love of the palette. I like the look I came up with as it reminds me of a sunset. It's very warm and bright, but still fairly wearable - I didn't feel silly leaving the house like it. When I first used the palette the shades weren't as bright as I wanted them so for this look I used a white MUA eye liner over my lid first and applied the shades on top, which really helped make the colour more vibrant. I used the yellow shade on the inner lid area and blended that into the orange shimmery shade in the centre of my lid. I used the light matte brown shade through my crease and darkened the crease and outer corner with the dark matte brown shade.  I used the light mauve shade under my lower lash line, with the dark green shade in my outer lower lash line. I finally used the light shimmer shade as a brow bone highlight and a little bit in the inner corner of my eye. I wanted to make sure that I only used the shades in this palette and it was very easy to create a look with only these shades as there is such a variety. I initially thought I would pair this eye look with a nude lip but I got carried away with the colourful shades and decided on a red/coral shade on the lips. I used Bare Minerals Energized lip liner with the lipstick in shade Go the Distance over the top, also from Bare Minerals. 

I'm excited to use this palette more over the summer months and try out more ways to use it and maybe incorporating some other shades too. I would always recommend Sleek palettes as they have so much to choose from and they only cost £7.99! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I don't think I have ever bought anything as quickly as I did these brushes; somehow, without even thinking, I saw them, saw their offer, found an extra discount code, picked a couple of other items and then before I knew it, Make up Revolution were thanking me for my order. This all happened within minutes of getting home, as Jamie was telling me about his day - which I think we can gather, maybe I wasn't paying the most attention to. Make up Revolution had an offer on that you could buy all four brushes for £15, which for four brushes is a very good deal. I was most intrigued to the the contour powder, foundation and highlighting brush, which would have come to just over £16 anyway. If you sign up for the newsletter you can get 20% off of your first order, which meant I got all four brushes for £12 - if my maths is correct! 

Pro Curve Contour Powder Brush PRO-C FP01
Probably my favourite of the collection; it's lovely and soft, yet dense enough to create a neat, precise contoured look to the cheekbones. I mostly use it with powder products but it does work well with cream products too. It's amazing for the cheeks the cut and shape of the brush make it absolutely perfect as it just fits the cheekbone perfectly. I have also tried this brush with foundation and it does work well for that too as it's very dense but still soft so it's really comfortable to use all over the face. This was the brush that initially triggered my excitement to the collection as it looks like a dupe for the Estee Lauder Sculpting Foundation Brush. When I first saw that brush I was very intrigued as I had never seen anything like it but at £37 I wasn't going to buy it, just in case the shape of the brush wasn't that useful. I do really like this brush for foundation and I assume it must be a fairly good dupe for the Estee Lauder brush as they do look very alike. 

Pro Curve Contour Foundation Brush Pro-C FF01
I have tried to use this brush for foundation but it's just too small. It would work well as it is a great shape to fit all around the face, but due to it's size and stiffness, it would take a long time to cover the whole face. I do love this brush for concealer, as it's so easy to blend around all of the nooks and crannies around the nose, lips and jawline etc. It's also good for liquid or cream contouring as it's a good shape and the firmness of the brush does make it good for sculpting out the areas that need contouring. 

Pro Curve Contour Blush and Highlighting Brush PRO-C FH01
I love this brush for highlighting. I normally use a fan brush to highlight the tops of my cheekbones but sometimes I feel like I need a bigger brush to blend it in a little more, which this brush does. Likewise to the other brushes, the cut makes it fit the shape of the face so well and it blends so easily as it's really soft and fluffy. I tend to keep this brush for highlighter cream or liquid, but it does do a good job at blending out concealer too; as it's fluffy but dense enough and is the perfect shape. 

Pro Curve Contour Eye shadow Brush  PRO-C EE01
I like to use this brush for quick application of shadow along the lash line, as it's shape makes it ideal. I've tried it for a cut crease look too and it does work but I still feel that you need something a little finer. I think it would work for contouring the nose but I don't really know what to do with this brush as much as the others. It's nice to have but I probably wouldn't have bought this brush if it wasn't in the set offer with the other brushes. 

I would definitely recommend these brushes as they're really affordable, beautiful looking and really unique. I like the look and design of these brushes and they definitely look and feel a lot more expensive than they are. I haven't tried any other Make up Revolution brushes so I don't know how these compare but I am now interested to try some, so if you have any recommendations let me know! 

Sunday, 21 June 2015


 I used to apply self tan all year round and worry that I still looked pale - apparently a common symptom of a fake tan addiction. Last autumn/winter I decided to embrace my natural skin colour as there isn't really any need to be tanned when the temperatures are freezing outside. I also moved in with my boyfriend last year and it became less acceptable to walk around the house and to go to bed with a very unnaturally dark skin tone and smelling of biscuits. It was a joy not having to worry about ever having patchy skin, where your fake tan is starting to look less than perfect, or making time during the cold months to apply self tan and remove it! As the summer months loomed, I knew I would be turning to the self tan again as it was fine avoiding it during the winter months but once everyone starts getting real tans and showing more skin, I couldn't just sit there as pale as Snow White. 

As we all know exfoliation is key when it comes to applying self tan, so first I exfoliate my skin. My favourite lately is the LUSH Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub; it smells gorgeous and leaves the skin so smooth. I've recently bought some exfoliating gloves which are so quick and easy to use and are extra useful if you ever have stubborn fake tan that needs removing. I used a few different Lauren's Way self tans last year and really liked them, although they were the best ones that I have used, they did still have the usual biscuit smell and stinky/uncomfortable texture until you washed them off. I recently tried the Lauren's Way Glam Tan Darker Than Dark Spray formula and it has fast become my favourite self tan. I didn't know how I would feel about this one as I have never used a spray formula before. The application was really easy and seemed to work into the skin easier and quicker than the lotions or mousse formulas that I've used, I think because it's a lot more light weight. It also felt a lot better on the skin and I didn't feel like I was wearing self tan all day while waiting for it to develop. The colour was a really nice natural tanned look and it lasted and faded nicely once it had been on a week and didn't go patchy like most seem to. 

I like to use a gradual tan, like the Dove Summer Glow lotion if I feel like I need to top up my tan or if I'm short for time and don't want to have to apply the Lauren's Way. It's really nice, doesn't streak at all and gives a very good colour for a gradual tan. To make sure my skin is hydrated while wearing self tan I like to apply a really rich moisturiser, like The Body Shop body butters. The one that I am using at the moment is the Chocomania scent, which is gorgeous. I normally feel  like I need to apply more self tan once a week and the whole exfoliating process starts again! It does take a lot less time just embracing being pale, but I can't help but want to be tanned, especially during the summer months, or after watching The Kardashians... and these products make it as easy as it can be. 

I may have already bought two more back ups of the Lauren's Way self tan as they are currently 1/3 off at Superdrug - go go go! What are your favourite self tans?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


L-R: Soar, Dervish, Brave, Velvet Teddy, Kinda sexy 
Who would have thought that it would have taken any girl - let alone a make up obsessed girl, a whole six months to spend a MAC gift card. I think the hardest part was limiting down what I wanted, so to be closer to the actual gift card value... yes I went over it, but only by a little bit! 

The one thing that secured a spot on the gift card straight away, was the Pro Shaping powder in the shade Emphasize. I go on about this product all of the time on this blog and I am currently using the last little bits of it, before I start my new one. I love it for under the eyes as it sets concealer and really brightens up the under eye and just smooths everything out. I have to use it every single day! 

On to the lip products. I knew I wanted some typical 'everyday' shades, as I'm sure I do own some but I don't think I do have too many. Oh well, regardless you can never have too many nudes. I feel a little cringey saying which shades I got as they're so cliche but they're really good! The two shades that are not so common, are the lipstick in Kinda Sexy and the Lip Pencil Dervish. I swatched Kinda Sexy in the store and loved it; its a matte finish described as a neutral pink rose shade. I think it's a very easy to pull off nude, not too dark or brown and definitely not too light but I think it's a bit more of a peachy pink than a rose pink. I think it's really flattering on the lips and lasted very well on me. 
I liked the look of Dervish when I saw Amelia Liana wearing it a few times in her videos. It's a rosy pink colour which is like an exaggerated version of my natural lip colour, so it's great when you just want a very subtle everyday shade. I think it would go with so many lipsticks too as it is such a natural and easy shade. The only thing that isn't so great about Dervish, is that it doesn't seem very creamy so doesn't apply as easily as I would like, but this isn't too much of an issue. 

Onto the more obvious lipstick choices, of course I needed Brave. I really love the rose pink shades (can't you tell)! that just enhance your lip colour, which Brave does perfectly. It's hyped so much but it is such a great shade. I think it's the kind of shade that just completes your look and is a pretty pink but not your typical girly pink pink shade. The Soar Lip pencil is a darker version and more brown toned.I prefer Brave for an every day shade but I love Soar if I want something a little more. I completely got sucked into the hype with Soar as when I first swatched it at MAC I really didn't like it but the beauty blogger in me just needed it. When I was being logical I decided that maybe I didn't need to buy Velvet Teddy too but then my logic gave out and I needed it. I'm so glad I got it as originally I thought it would be my least favourite of the lipsticks as it seemed the darkest and I thought it might be too brown. After wearing it, I'm in love. I didn't realise how flattering it is. It's a dark pinky/brown nude but it's extremely wearable which surprised me. I find that when I wear it, likewise to Brave and Kinda Sexy, it seems to stain the lips, so even hours and hours later you can still see the colour. 

I also got a free sample of the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in shade NC25 with my order. I am yet to try this shade but I do already own the foundation in NW25 and I like it but it's not my favourite foundation. 

What are your favourite MAC lipstick and lip liner shades, I'm sure there are still more that I need!? 

Sunday, 14 June 2015


There isn't anything overly fancy here as when I'm needing to rush off to work, I don't leave much time for a luxurious skin care regime, so the quicker the better! I have quite combination/slightly oil skin and I know I will be applying make up nearly immediately after so I want products that do the job but are also quite lightweight. Depending on how quick I'm needing to be, in other words how many times I snoozed the alarm, I'll either use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water or the Bare Minerals Mineralixirs cleansing oil. I love the Micellar water as it does the job quickly and is really refreshing on the skin but the cleansing oil does do a better job at cleaning the skin and it does leave my skin feeling more nourished. I like to use the Lush Eau Roma Toner Water after cleansing as it's so hydrating and is a quick skin fix as it calms and soothes the skin. It's also nice to use in the mornings when you need some extra waking up, or cooling down after a hot shower I always have to have! I then like to use Clinique's Superdefence Eye Cream. I like to use a more nourishing eye cream at night but a lightweight formula during the day, so not to disrupt my make up. The Clinique eye cream is really light weight, yet still moisturising. It also has a brightening tint to it so it helps make your eye area look more awake and refreshed. The last skincare item I use is the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. I like it because it's a gel formula that hydrates the skin but absorbs nearly instantly. It also seems to smooth out the complexion, so it also helps to prime the face before foundation. 

What are your favourite products to use in the mornings? 

Thursday, 11 June 2015


L-R: Golden Hot, Smoulder, Rave, Flush. 
When I first saw the Blush Bronze and Brighten palettes by Make up Revolution I immediately thought they looked identical to the Urban Decay Flushed palettes. I love those palettes, so to potentially find a dupe for them at a very affordable price was very exciting - so much so, that I obviously needed all four shades. I really like how compact these palettes are as they are slim and lightweight, yet also contain a large mirror, which makes them great for taking out and about. I also like the idea of having a bronzer, blusher and highlight all in one palette as it's very travel friendly and even if using it at home, it comes in handy if you're running out of time and need to be as quick as possible, without having to hunt out each product. 

The shades Golden Hot and Smoulder are the closest matches to the Urban Decay Strip and Native Flushed palettes - the colours really are identical. I find Flush and Rave to be very similar to each other; you definitely don't need to own both. Rave's highlight shade is a touch more golden than Flushed, making it similar to Urban Decay's Streak Flushed Palette. The Make up Revolution palette which is least similar to the Flushed palettes is ironically the shade Flush. The Urban version is a lot more of a rosy pink blush shade, where as Flush is a lot more coral. 

My favourite is Smoulder, which was also my favourite in the Urban Decay equivalent - Native as I just love pink blush. Golden Hot would look really great on darker, more tanned or olive skin complexions as it has the darkest bronzer and a pretty golden highlight. I think Rave would be great for lighter skin tones as it has the lightest bronzer, closely followed by Flush. 

The formulation of these palettes is really good; they're very pigmented, blend well and last all day on me. They have a silky smooth texture, so much so that I was able to mould my Rave palette back together as sadly it was delivered smashed. The only thing I will say is I don't find the highlighter shades as pigmented as the bronzer or blush shades, but sometimes this isn't always a bad thing if you just want a subtle glow. Formulation wise they are good and especially amazing for the price but they don't beat the Flushed palettes. However, if you want to have a choice of four shades for less than the price of one Flushed palette then these are a great idea and I would really recommend them. 

Have you tried these palettes or any other Make up Revolution products, What are your favourites?! 

Saturday, 6 June 2015


There isn't a day that goes by when I don't use at the very least, one Real Techniques brush while doing my make up. Some of them are even holy grail brushes that I struggle to do my make up without. I can't even remember when I first bought them, but it was definitely a long time ago and they still work just as well as they first did. I love them because they work really well, are so affordable and easy to get hold of. The set contains three brushes; the sculpting brush, the fan brush and the setting brush. 

The Setting brush had been on my wish list for ages and was one of the main reasons I bought the set. I like to use it mostly to set my under eye concealer as it's so soft it doesn't irritate the under eye, it's also the perfect size as it's not too big. I also tried to use it to contour my cheek bones and it worked well for that as it's small enough to make a defined contour, I liked it but it's not something I do everyday so it's not my main use for it. I think it would be great for touching up make up throughout the day, to add powder where you need it, but I don't ever touch up my make up as I'm either too busy or just cant be bothered. 
The next brush is the Sculpting brush. It's intended to be used to contour, It works pretty well as a 'in a hurry' contour brush as it applies the product but is also big and fluffy enough to blend it in. I find it a little too big for a more precise and sculpted contour. I've been mostly using it for foundation as I saw Sam and Nic use it for foundation (reading that back over sounded so "I saw Regina George..." - Mean Girls). It is so good for foundation; it's fluffy but at the same time dense enough to make it perfect for blending out the foundation really quickly. I think it would also work great for cream blushers and bronzers. Now that I'm writing this, I also think it would be prefect for my beloved Bare Minerals Ready foundation. *Hugely regretting washing my brushes now as I really want to try this!* 
The final brush in the set is the Fan brush. I already have one fan brush so I wasn't too excited for this one as really, how many do you need? I now take that back obviously! I watched the tutorial where Nic spoke about how to use these brushes and she used this one to contour the nose, which I had never thought of and it works so well as it's such a fine brush that it doesn't apply too much product. I also like it for applying highlighter, for this reason, as it's a lot finer than my other fan brush, which works well for this time of year when my skin gets more...lets say 'glowy,' so just a subtle highlight is all that's needed. 
Overall, I'm really pleased with this set and enjoy using all three brushes, so it was a good purchase. I still have a few Real Techniques brushes on the wish list but I am satisfied for now! Have you tried these brushes, which are your favourites? 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Lets start with the cliché - I'm finding it hard enough to believe that May ever existed, so I haven't quite got my head around how it can possibly be June already but alas, it has come so lets get on with it and enjoy the Summer months. I wanted to do something a little different this month as I didn't really have many beauty items that were standing out to me like normal and I liked doing a more lifestyle type post previously (here), so I thought I'd make this a little more life chatty. So, here are some of the things that I found myself loving throughout May. 
  1. Sister Time - Now that I don't live with my sister, Hannah anymore I really miss her, so it's great when we get to spend some time together. We also often work different days but luckily throughout May she had a lot of weekends off which meant that we got to spend more time together which was really nice. We did the usual, shopping, sleep overs, watched films and ate bad stuff. You can read about what we got up to one weekend 'here'.
  2. Grand parents time - There doesn't seem to be a weekend that goes by that my boyfriend, Jamie and I don't spend time with at least one of our grand parents. I love spending time with them and hearing their stories, either of how life used to be or just funny little things that have gone on that week. They do so much for us so I love just spending time with them and enjoying their company, especially as you can just tell how happy it makes them, which is so amazing to see. 
  3. Game of Thrones - Jamie and I were very late to the party and Hannah was even later; I've only just got her into them and I think she's only just on season 2. Jamie and I started watching them around Easter time so we just about caught up before Season 5 started. It's something that I look forward to every week. When I re-watched the first season with Hannah recently I still really liked it and the last couple of weeks have been especially good and I love when you get stuck into a series like that. 
  4. Curly Hair - I had my hair cut really short, to my jaw line back in October and although I did really like it, it wasn't really me and I didn't always feel myself with it. It's now grown to just touch my shoulders and I'm feeling much more myself and more pretty and girly. I've been adding curls to it with my ghd's quite often lately and I really like it. It's quick to do, just curling random sections and adds a good amount of volume to the hair.  
  5. Check Shirts - I used to dress up a lot all of the time just to do simply things, like go shopping, but lately I've been loving dressing a little more relaxed and casual. I've been loving checked shirts as they're so easy, casual and comfy but also a little stylish in their own way. They have been useful this time of year when you want something cool if the weather is warmer, but still covered a little as it's just too soon/too chilly to be flashing elbows and shoulders all at once!
  6. Tanya Burr Nail polish - I first bought Tanya Burr nail polishes last year and really loved them then. I loved the shade Bright and Early and it's one of my favourite all time colours; it's a bright pink/coral shade. I've really been loving Mischief Managed, New York Night and Peaches and Cream. It was the only nail polish brand I used in May. They last really well, a lot better than other nail polishes that I've tried and I just love the shades and textures.   
Hope you all had a great month and I hope June's another good month!

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