Thursday, 11 June 2015


L-R: Golden Hot, Smoulder, Rave, Flush. 
When I first saw the Blush Bronze and Brighten palettes by Make up Revolution I immediately thought they looked identical to the Urban Decay Flushed palettes. I love those palettes, so to potentially find a dupe for them at a very affordable price was very exciting - so much so, that I obviously needed all four shades. I really like how compact these palettes are as they are slim and lightweight, yet also contain a large mirror, which makes them great for taking out and about. I also like the idea of having a bronzer, blusher and highlight all in one palette as it's very travel friendly and even if using it at home, it comes in handy if you're running out of time and need to be as quick as possible, without having to hunt out each product. 

The shades Golden Hot and Smoulder are the closest matches to the Urban Decay Strip and Native Flushed palettes - the colours really are identical. I find Flush and Rave to be very similar to each other; you definitely don't need to own both. Rave's highlight shade is a touch more golden than Flushed, making it similar to Urban Decay's Streak Flushed Palette. The Make up Revolution palette which is least similar to the Flushed palettes is ironically the shade Flush. The Urban version is a lot more of a rosy pink blush shade, where as Flush is a lot more coral. 

My favourite is Smoulder, which was also my favourite in the Urban Decay equivalent - Native as I just love pink blush. Golden Hot would look really great on darker, more tanned or olive skin complexions as it has the darkest bronzer and a pretty golden highlight. I think Rave would be great for lighter skin tones as it has the lightest bronzer, closely followed by Flush. 

The formulation of these palettes is really good; they're very pigmented, blend well and last all day on me. They have a silky smooth texture, so much so that I was able to mould my Rave palette back together as sadly it was delivered smashed. The only thing I will say is I don't find the highlighter shades as pigmented as the bronzer or blush shades, but sometimes this isn't always a bad thing if you just want a subtle glow. Formulation wise they are good and especially amazing for the price but they don't beat the Flushed palettes. However, if you want to have a choice of four shades for less than the price of one Flushed palette then these are a great idea and I would really recommend them. 

Have you tried these palettes or any other Make up Revolution products, What are your favourites?! 


  1. Love this. I just ordered some products from Makeup Revolution and I can't wait to get it.

  2. Stunning palette's. I prefer y highlighters less pigmented because I feel it's so easy to go overboard plus you can always build it up!

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  3. Stunning shades! I am going for golden Hot


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