Saturday, 6 June 2015


There isn't a day that goes by when I don't use at the very least, one Real Techniques brush while doing my make up. Some of them are even holy grail brushes that I struggle to do my make up without. I can't even remember when I first bought them, but it was definitely a long time ago and they still work just as well as they first did. I love them because they work really well, are so affordable and easy to get hold of. The set contains three brushes; the sculpting brush, the fan brush and the setting brush. 

The Setting brush had been on my wish list for ages and was one of the main reasons I bought the set. I like to use it mostly to set my under eye concealer as it's so soft it doesn't irritate the under eye, it's also the perfect size as it's not too big. I also tried to use it to contour my cheek bones and it worked well for that as it's small enough to make a defined contour, I liked it but it's not something I do everyday so it's not my main use for it. I think it would be great for touching up make up throughout the day, to add powder where you need it, but I don't ever touch up my make up as I'm either too busy or just cant be bothered. 
The next brush is the Sculpting brush. It's intended to be used to contour, It works pretty well as a 'in a hurry' contour brush as it applies the product but is also big and fluffy enough to blend it in. I find it a little too big for a more precise and sculpted contour. I've been mostly using it for foundation as I saw Sam and Nic use it for foundation (reading that back over sounded so "I saw Regina George..." - Mean Girls). It is so good for foundation; it's fluffy but at the same time dense enough to make it perfect for blending out the foundation really quickly. I think it would also work great for cream blushers and bronzers. Now that I'm writing this, I also think it would be prefect for my beloved Bare Minerals Ready foundation. *Hugely regretting washing my brushes now as I really want to try this!* 
The final brush in the set is the Fan brush. I already have one fan brush so I wasn't too excited for this one as really, how many do you need? I now take that back obviously! I watched the tutorial where Nic spoke about how to use these brushes and she used this one to contour the nose, which I had never thought of and it works so well as it's such a fine brush that it doesn't apply too much product. I also like it for applying highlighter, for this reason, as it's a lot finer than my other fan brush, which works well for this time of year when my skin gets more...lets say 'glowy,' so just a subtle highlight is all that's needed. 
Overall, I'm really pleased with this set and enjoy using all three brushes, so it was a good purchase. I still have a few Real Techniques brushes on the wish list but I am satisfied for now! Have you tried these brushes, which are your favourites? 


  1. This set is beaaaaautiful. Love the sound pf all 3 brushes, sounds like contour is made easy with these ones!

    Jasmine |


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