Tuesday, 26 November 2013


For someone who rarely wears much in the way of lip products, I somehow still always need so many lipsticks! These two lipsticks from the  MUA Matte range were easy to justify as in true MUA fashion, they only cost a tiny little, £1. As I don't get much use out of my lipsticks, I love buying MUA ones as they have great colours and formulas and you can try as many as you like and your bank account wont even feel a thing. I've just counted and I currently have 11 MUA lipsticks and that doesn't even equate to one MAC lipstick! 

I picked up Scarlet Siren and Wild Berry as they were the only two in stock, but coincidently they were the two that I was most interested in trying. I will probably get the nude and the peach coloured ones if I see them in Superdrug.

The Wild Berry shade isn't as dark as it appears on the stick, however that's pretty true for most 'dark' berry lipsticks, regardless of the price. The good thing about this is, that it makes it a lot more easy to wear as it's a gorgeous berry shade and you could always darken the colour with a dark lip liner. I tried the lipstick with MUA's Brooding plum lip liner and it worked amazingly; The colours worked really well together and the lip liner made the lipstick much more intense in colour, which is great for a more bold and statement lip for a night out, while the lipstick alone is great for day time. The Scarlet Siren is a true red and looks the same on the lips as it does in the stick. Scarlet Siren also works well with another of MUA's lip liners, called Red Drama. Both lipsticks apply really easily onto the lips and do not feel dry at all, like some matte lipsticks make your lips feel. They give a gorgeous velvet like finish to the lips which looks like it could have been easily achieved with a much more expensive lipstick. They have good staying power and fade well, unlike some that tend to wear off the lips in a patchy mess. 

I would definitely recommend the MUA Matte lipstick range and especially these two colours. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other shades and to actually wearing these two as they're both perfect for the Autumn/Winter months and for £2 for a lipstick and a lip liner, they are amazing! I'm wearing the Wild Berry and Brooding Plum lip liner as I write and cannot stop looking at how good my lips look - purely because of the lip colour! 

Here are some swatches of the lipsticks, showing just the lipsticks themselves, without any lip liner, or much precision for that matter! 

Have you tried any of the MUA Matte range and if so which is your favourite? 

You can purchase these on the MUA Website or in Superdrug stores or online

Friday, 22 November 2013


So, a bit of an obvious MAC purchase here and one that is highly rated by pretty much every blogger/youtuber. Although it doesn't look like the most exciting thing in the world; as it's the most plain and boring colour out there, doesn't contain any kind of pretty shimmer for us to lust over and the packaging... well, it's hardly making any statements, but I love it! 

I had seen Paint Pots featured in so many youtube videos, used as eye shadow bases, but never bought one for myself as they're just so boring looking and as MAC isn't exactly an affordable brand I never felt like it was something I desperately needed. A couple of months ago, I decided to order a pro palette from the MAC Website as they aren't available in my nearest MAC store and as I'm a sucker for getting free postage, I needed to bulk up my shopping cart a little to qualify, so I decided to order the Paint Pot in Painterly. Painterly, as I'm sure you all know is the colour that EVERYONE has and I'm glad I chose it. 

Before using Painterly Paint Pot, I was using the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer as my eye shadow base. It did the job, however since owning Painterly, we haven't spent a day apart. It's so quick and easy to use; I just use my fingers and apply all over the lid. It creates a nice even base and covers any discolouring and any little veins on the lid. As the colour is pretty close to my own eye lid colour it's perfect for all eye shadow colours and really intensifies the colour and makes them much easier to build and blend. There has only been one day since I've owned Painterly that I didn't use it and I hated how my eye shadow turned out, in comparison to how it looked with a base. I had to apply a lot more shadow than normal to get a good amount of colour. In the end I removed all of my make-up and started again with Painterly. 

I've never had a problem with my eye shadow fading much or creasing throughout the day, but even so, when I use Painterly my eye shadow does look exactly the same as when I applied it at the end of the day. So if you do have these problems, I'm sure this eye shadow base will really work for you. 

The texture is very slightly sticky and I mean very, very slightly! It has just the right amount of stick to it, so that it holds on to the eye shadow even better, which is one of the main reasons why I prefer it to the Pro Longwear Conealer. It creates a great canvas to help with smooth and seemless blending (and there I was thinking I wouldn't ever be using sibliance past A Level English). As I've already said; Painterly and I have been inseparable and even now, you can hardly see that I've used her everyday for nearly two months, so I'm pretty convinced that this will be a beautifully long friendship and when her time is up and she goes off into the light, I will most definitely be buying a replacement. I'm now fully on board with the whole eye primer idea and cannot apply my eye make-up without Painterly Paint Pot, everybody needs one!

What other colours would you recommend, or any other brands that you love? 

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