Thursday, 10 September 2015


Recently, while I was clearing out my make up I threw a good amount of make up away that was a little too old to probably safely use anymore. Most of the products were cheaper bits that I'd picked up along the way and that I didn't really get as much use out of as I thought I would but there were a couple of bits that really pulled on the heart strings and I couldn't possibly let go of, even though there is no way that I will be using them at their age! I'm not sure if this is slightly normal, well for us make up addicts or if it makes me some kind of crazy hoarder - It's probably safe to say that I'll accept the latter. 

The older of the two, the Benefit Gorgeous Georgia set was my first high end make up item and bought for me for my dare I say it - 13th birthday from my mum. I'm shocked that this little palette is soon to turn 10 years old and slightly ashamed that there is still a lot of product in it. I absolutely loved this palette, probably one of the main reasons being that we shared the name Georgia. It had very natural nude shade eye shadows, lip product and a peachy coral blush. I used to love dusting the blush shade over my whole face and thinking that it was going to magically transform my complexion, which of course it never did but it's pretty and smelt good back in the day! I think I cherished this palette and felt so proud to own it. 

A year or so later I bought the YSL Touche Brillance which is still the only YSL product that I own. I bought this while I was on a school trip to France when I was 14/15. I remember taking absolutely ages deciding which colour to choose, the women that worked there must have been going crazy over all of these teenagers touching the make up. It's a pretty shade but not something that I would go near now. It's a sheer pink shade but has a lot of shimmer in it. It is gorgeous but not the most wearable due to the shimmer. I can't throw it away as I remember how happy I was with myself for buying it and how excited I was. Looking back I remember that know one else had any idea why I was so excited or what it even was... It's YSL?! It also reminds me of how much fun I had on that trip and  the friends that I had. 

It's now that I have realised even more the weird obsession that we have over make up that no one else seems to understand. Make up is definitely leaning a lot more towards an actual collection rather than the few everyday products that most people use everyday until they run out and then repurchase. 

Do you have any make up items that you just can't throw away?


  1. omg cannot believe how old the georgia palette is! I have some things that I won't throw away because they're special and were expensive. I have a pot of Chanel body cream that's over a year and a half old but I can't part with it because it's just so good!

  2. I have a few products like this. They just sit in my makeup collection taking up space but I still can't bring myself to throw them away. x

    Jordan Alice


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