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So many of us love the nude lip look; it's a classic beauty look, a great way to compliment a smokey eye and most importantly so easy to wear. However, picking the perfect nude lipstick to suit your skin tone is actually a pretty hard task! you've got the common problem of the nude being way too similar to the concealer lips look and even worse there's the nudes that are so nude that they make you look like you're extremely ill. L'oreal have come up with an amazing collection of nude lipsticks to suit every skin tone.        

  Cheryl Cole, Doutzen Kroes, Freida Pinto, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria and Liya Kebede, who are all spokemodels for L'OrĂ©al, have worked with colour designer Orrea Light to produce the best nude lipstick shade for their complexion. The great thing is, that they all are of very different ethnicities, so have different skin tones and colourings, which is great for all of us, so we knnow which nude to choose!

I chose Eva Longoria's nude shade and Julianne Moore's, as I love Eva anyway so I'd obviously chose hers and Julianne's was a gorgeous pinky nude that I had been longing for. Although the whole point of these nude lipsticks is to pick the celebrity that your skin tone is closest to, as that will be your best match, I absolutely love Julianne's nude, but my colouring is know where near hers. If you don't already know, Julianne Moore has very, very pale skin and red hair. Eva has a much darker olive skin tone than I do, but I have got naturally dark hair and love to self tan, so I guess that match could be considered a closer one. I didn't pick up Cheryl's nude as it wasn't in stock, but thinking about it now, that probably would have been my best match... Oh no! I guess I'm going to have to get that one too now... 


The formulation of these lipsticks is extremely moisturising; they're so soft and creamy that they apply really easily onto the lips and definitely do not dry the lips out at all. They're some of the best lipstick textures that I have tried and I think they may even apply better than some of the MAC lipsticks that I've tried and we all love those! The lipsticks have a slight shimmer sheen to them which is very subtle so still very wearable. The sheen makes you not need to add any extra lip gloss, which is always a bonus when topping up throughout the day. 

Eva & Doutzen's nudes. 

One feature that I'm not too sure about is the smell of the lipsticks; they have a fairly strong scent to them, which reminds me of the parma violet sweets (my mum agreed). I don't hate the smell, but it is a little strong/floral for a lipstick. It does become more subtle when applied and it is easily ignored, so it definitely wouldn't put me off of the lipsticks but it's just a slight negative factor for me.

Freida & Julianne's nude.


The wear time of these lipsticks isn't overly long, however I'd say compared to other lipsticks, they are still about average. Nude lipsticks don't need to be so long lasting for me as you can easily top up a nude lip as you generally don't need a mirror. If I was wearing a bright/dark lip, I would much rather it last longer in case I didn't have time to top up, then it would be left looking a little odd on the lips, whereas you don't have this problem with nudes.

Julianne's Nude:

I adore this lipstick and have been wearing it nearly every day since purchasing both lipsticks last week. I have quite pink toned lips so this shade is definitely a 'your lips but better colour.' It really enhances my natural lip colour and makes my lips look a lot prettier! It's a really wearable nude, as it adds a lovely warm pink shade to the lips. As this is Julianne's nude, who is very fair skinned and I love it and I have a more tanned complexion and dark hair, I imagine that this nude shade would suit most people. The colour is well pigmented, however still gives a natural finish to the lips; I find with some nude pinks, that if I apply a little too much, they start making me look a little on the ill side as they're too cool toned, however this colour is so gorgeous and wearable, that I think you would struggle to make it look bad.

Eva's Nude:

I also love this shade, it's a gorgeous peach nude and looks great on tanned or olive skin. I think more pale skin tones would also be able to wear this shade beautifully. Likewise to Julianne's nude, Eva's nude is very well pigmented and gives a great colour to the lips with very little effort. It's also another great 'your lips but better' colour, however more peachy toned than my natural lips. It's a great colour to warm up your complexion and would compliment most warm brown, red, golds and bronze eye make-up looks. 

Here are some swatches of both lipsticks. They are a fairly true representation of the colour, however I'd say Julianne's nude is a lot more warmer toned in person and both shades look a lot prettier in person.  I love both of the nudes that I have and would definitely recommend them. I now want to pick up Cheryl's as I think the shade would suit my skin tone, however that will probably be the last one I get as the other shades seem to be better suited for darker skin tones.  

            Julianne's nude  

One word of warning would be to be careful when googling these shades! I was innocently typing in 'Cheryl's nude L'oreal lipstick' and my boyfriend thought it would be funny to take away the 'L'oreal Lipstick' part... a totally different result appears! Why are men so gross? 

Eva's Nude

The lipsticks are £8.19 from Boots, I bought mine when they were on a buy 1 get 1 half price offer, which I think is still on! I also used my Boots advantage card points to pay for them which means I technically got these pretties for free!!

Have you tried any of L'Oreal's Colour Riche Collection? Which celebrity's nude is your favourite?


  1. Great post girls! Deff made is want to try these out! Especially your 2 faves. And we love how affordable Loreals lipsticks are anyways! ;)

    1. Thanks! They are really lovely lipsticks. I don't think they're as affordable in the UK as L'oreal;' one of the more expensive 'drugstore' brands. Wish make-up was as cheap as it is in America!

  2. I really want the Julianna nude!

    Rachel x

    1. It looks gorgeous doesn't it! Would live that!!

  3. YES! They do smell just like parma violets. :D


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