Friday, 24 April 2015


I'm a huge fan of Bare Minerals make up and I've also really liked a lot of the skincare from the range, so  I was really excited when I heard that Bare Minerals were releasing a cleansing oil, as I have been using an oil in my routine for about 2 years now and I like how they work with my skin. 
Considering how excited I was, I still waited until there was a discount on before I bought the products - like the money savvy shopper I am.If you've seen my High End Beauty Haul or Clarins Haul, you'll know that I recently - well over a month ago now, left my retail, make up counter job *jumps up and down with joy* which obviously meant that I had to say goodbye to discount, so I decided to stock up.

"At the heart of ever bareMinerals Mineralixirs botanical oil and mineral blend you'll find rosehip seed oil. This deeply nourishing oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6, known to soothe skin, target signs of aging, replenish the skin's natural moisture barrier and recapture skin's youthful radiance."

Facial Cleansing Oil
I really love using this oil to remove my make up as it's so quick and easy to use; it also doesn't irritate my eyes when I use it to remove eye make up. It's a lightweight oil, that feels so gentle on the skin. I use a flannel to wash off the cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling so nourished and fresh. I always know when I like a cleanser as it leaves my skin feeling really soft and comfortable, instead of slightly dry and tight feeling, like others have done. The cleanser is infused with  a blend of plant-derived oils and a skin-enhancing mineral complex, which just sounds so lovely to me. I always feel like my skin looks really clear after using this, especially on my nose where I have black heads,  it seems like it actually helps to clear them.   I think the cleanser would be great for all skin types as it's light weight and doesn't leave any oily feel to the skin, so it would suit oily complexions, yet it's so nourishing and hydrating that it would work really well for drier skins too. 
Eye Nourishing Oil Balm
At first I wasn't too sure about the whole oil balm for an eye cream idea and it also got a lot of negative reactions from some of the other girls that I worked with. I was so intrigued at the end of one day that I decided to try a little over my make up. Later that evening, my eye area did feel really smooth so I decided it was probably worth giving it a full chance. I only ever use this product at night as I've heard others say it will just completely break up your make up if worn during the day. When I first used it properly I think I applied a little too much and it didn't seem to absorb into the skin very well .The next day I used a lot less and found that this worked a lot better, as it's an oil it blends over the skin so easily, so you only need a small amount.  The balm is formulated with restorative oils and skin-enhancing minerals, which just draws me into Bare Minerals every time. It feels very nourishing on the skin, like a good night time treat for the eye area. I feel like my eye area looks and feels hydrated and really smooth.

Overall I love both of these products and I don't have any complaints. Have you tried these products or anything else from the Bare Minerals skincare range?

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  1. I adore Bare Minerals products so would really like to try these out especially the cleanser, it sounds so lovely and gentle. I'm a new follower and cant wait to read more posts Georgia :)


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