Saturday, 11 July 2015


I've always been one to focus more on my eye make up and neglect my lips on a day to day basis but I always feel a little un complete with my lips looking bare. Recently I've been branching out and filling the void in my make up routine with lots of neutral everyday shades. I love lipsticks but I feel that you can't beat the staying power of a good lip liner and the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencils are my absolute favourite lip liners. I discovered them when I worked on a make up counter; as you have so many make up items at your finger tips you do end up trying everything and realising what brands have the best products and Urban Decay definitely win with lip pencils and eye pencils while we're on the subject! 

I love the formula of these lip pencils as they are so creamy and as the name suggests, they literally do glide over the lips. I like to fill my whole lips in when I use these lip pencils and not just line the lips. They give a matte finish to the lips but it's still very comfortable and it doesn't feel drying at all. The staying powder is unbeatable and I even have an example of how good they are! One day I decided to use the red Urban Decay lip pencil, 69... this would be the day that one of the girls I worked with decided that we should get Burger King for lunch. Obviously eating with a bold lip is hard enough but red and eating a chicken royale, really isn't easy. I rushed straight back down to top up my lip liner as I was sure it would be in a right state by now, like wise to the other girls (I won't mention which brand doesn't have very good staying power)! To my surprise it was still absolutely perfect, so much so that I didn't even top up. 

I used to wear Manic all the time as it's such a great everyday, pretty rose pink shade. I like it because you can tell that you are wearing something on your lips but it isn't so extreme that it steals the show. I found it easy to pair with most eye looks and even some heavier looks suited Manic still. I think it's the kind of shade that you could use with so many different lipsticks. 

For a perfect lighter nude lip, I love the lip pencil Naked. It's a light pinky beige which is very flattering without being too light and 'concealer' like on the lips. It does look good alone but my favourite way to use this is all over the lips with either a pink or coral coloured lip gloss over the top. I think it gives the most gorgeous and easy to wear nude lip. 

Naked 2 is still a nude but it has a lot more brown in it. It looks nice all over the lips but also looks really pretty paired with a pink lipstick, as it's then the perfect mix between being a brown nude and a pink nude lip colour. If you're embracing the slightly more brown tones it does look really nice with a pinky brown lip gloss over the top too, like Urban Decay's Nooner lip gloss. 

I think I may end up purchasing at least a couple more shades as they're just so good! I love low maintenance lip options and these are just that as you apply and they stay forever! Have you tried any of the Urban Decay lip pencils?

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