Sunday, 8 March 2015


I've been making the most of my staff discount before I leave my current job which is on a make up counter in a Department store. I couldn't be more excited to get weekends, bank holidays, Boxing Day and New Year's Day off, to not have to spend my day being bored out of my mind or dealing with rude and annoying customers... So yeah I'm pretty excited about leaving. One thing that I will be missing is my staff discount! I decided to stock up on things that I needed and some things that I just fancied treating myself to. I was slightly tame, well maybe that's not the word but I definitely could have bought more, but at the end of the day it's just make up and skincare *cries inside at calling makeup and skincare, 'just' makeup and skincare*. I've got another post coming from my haul, featuring just one brands worth of products as it was just too much to include with this one. 
First up, Urban Decay. I'd been eyeing up the Pulp Fiction palette since it was released last year, but come on, did I really need more neutral eyeshadows!? Obviously I did. Luckily, it was hugely reduced in a recent sale and with staff discount on top, it was only £9, which I could definitely justify. I've also loved Zodiac moondust eyeshadow for ages, I was just about convinced that although it's absolutely gorgeous, I wouldn't get much wear out of it. I then watched a recent tutorial by Pin up Beauty and knew that I needed it. It's a gorgeous shimmery green shade, with so much pigmentation and strong, but classy shimmer. I also had to pick up one of the new Naked Skin concealers. I've heard quite a lot of good things about this concealer lately and as my current collection actually only holds one concealer - my MAC Pro Longwear, I felt that it would be okay to purchase this one... like that really made a huge difference to this decision.  I also picked up a back up of my absolute favourite foundation ever, the Bare Minerals Ready foundation. I think I may even own a back up of this already, but it's the most amazing foundation, especially for the summer as the shade I wear (R330), is so warm and looks so fresh, radiant and glowy. I can't wear this until the summer as it's a good tanned shade and right now I'm pretty pasty, but it will sit patiently with it's other foundation friends in the mean time. 

 Like I said in my previous Clinique skincare post I haven't used much from the brand before. The foundation caught my eye as soon as I heard about its full coverage and long wear and then I saw it on one of the girls and liked the look of it and finally I read a review on Laura's blog, which was also very positive so I obviously had to get it. I've only used it once so far and on first impressions I really liked it. I will probably do a full review on it when I've had the chance to try it out a few more times. My second Clinique purchase was the Superdefense eye cream. I thought it would be a good lightweight eye cream to use daily under my make up, as it included spf 20, which seemed like a good idea, as the eye area is already sensitive enough to ageing. It's also quite brightening which can never be a bad thing. 
 As I write this my first day of my new job is tomorrow, so I'm currently having a little taster of what a weekend off is like, starting with just a Sunday and I'm already loving it. I'm happy with my purchases but can't help still wanting more but I know my bank is kind of thanking me for not putting it under any more pressure! 

Hope you've all had a good weekend and that you have a great week! 

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